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Procrastination causes

Procrastination | Causes and Methods of Control


Procrastination is a hurdle that stops us from success. We often try to do or achieve something before the deadline, but procrastination refrains us to do so. This refrains us from doing an important task. Almost all people procrastinate, but some people have control over it. It is better to control procrastination; otherwise, it will keep you away from the task. In this busy world, you should have control over procrastination and if you procrastinate a lot, then you should learn the methods to overcome it. Procrastination has been increased after social media and smartphones. Today we are going to discuss each and everything about procrastination that you should know. We will also tell you about the methods to overcome it. But before diving into causes and methods we should know what procrastination is.

What is Procrastination?

Many people are confused about the meaning of procrastination. It happens many times that have a task but we indulge in any other task that is not important. For example, I have to complete my office task until tomorrow night, but I waste my time watching YouTube videos, using Facebook and other unnecessary things. This is called procrastination. It diverts your mind and from the task or goal and you get into doing something unnecessary. You postpone your goals and most of the time your goal is not achieved within the deadline. Therefore, it is a big hindrance to your success. It refrains you from doing the desired task.

Causes of Procrastination

There are many causes of procrastination. These causes take you away from the desired goal. To overcome procrastination, you should identify the causes as well to overcome it. The causes of procrastination are,

  • Social Media: Many people waste their time using social media without any purpose. It is better to control it and limit the usage.
  • Fear: If you are afraid of doing the job, then you will try to avoid it by doing other things.
  • Un-trained Memory: Some people used to think about what they need to do next. Therefore, they waste their time and think about the task. Most of the time they forget the task and get anxious about it.
  • Giving Less Importance: It may happen that you give less importance to your goal and task, but they are very important to achieve something.
  • Laziness: You may feel lazy while doing work and therefore, you indulge in any other task.
  • Lack of Motivation: Many people feel less motivated while doing work. It depends on the organization or your immediate boss. There can be other reasons as well.
  • Distractions: Distraction can be due to children, viral trends, messages, calls, neighbors and other things. These things divert your mind from the desired goal.

You need to see the causes of procrastination as it will help you to overcome it. Try to keep these things away while you are working. If anything is important than the work, only then you can leave you the task, otherwise, note it down and work on it later.

Methods to Overcome Procrastination

After recognizing that you are involved in procrastination and you have no control over it, you can start applying the methods to overcome procrastination. You can start with one of the methods and try to apply them gradually. You may not succeed in applying the method for the first time, but after some, your mind will be trained according to it. So, don’t worry if you face failure, just try again. We are going to give you three methods to deal with procrastination. There are only three methods, but they are so much effective that you can control procrastination with ease. The methods are,

Setting Goals and Making to Do Lists

This technique is very important and powerful. It increases your productivity by controlling procrastination. It is very easy to apply. You can keep a notebook or you can make a To-Do list on your mobile. There are some steps to apply this method which are,


  • Identify the things that you want to do on the next day or today
  • List down all those things according to priority
  • It is better if you write the expected time required to complete the task. It will help you to manage all things efficiently.
  • Now start doing the task one by one and keep in mind that you focus on the work.
  • Watch the list after completing every task to ensure the remaining tasks.
  • After completing the tasks, you can review the list again. You might have forgotten to list something.
  • Now make a new To-Do list for the next day.

This method helps to eliminate the time that we spend to think about what to do next. Once you have a list, then you know what you have to do. It will help you to manage the time accordingly. It is excellent if you make a Weekly To-Do List as well.

Using the Pomodoro Technique

It is also an effective technique to overcome procrastination. It is better if it is backed by the To-Do List technique. In this technique, you need to focus on the task for 25 minutes. You cannot do any other thing between these 25 minutes. If you have got an important email, an idea or anything else, you can just write it on a notebook and start to focus on the work again. After 25 minutes you can take a 5 minutes break in which you can do anything pleasurable you like, such as watching videos online. You give yourself a reward after focusing. Repeat the process four times and then you can take a longer break for example for 30 minutes.

This technique will help you to focus on the task and you will be able to achieve the goal before the deadline with good results. There are Pomodoro timers available in the market or you can install an application for that as well. This technique is pretty much easy and helpful to overcome procrastination. But you should avoid every kind of distraction while applying this method.

Just Start

After making a To-Do list and planning to apply the Pomodoro technique, you should start the work. If you think that you are not ready for it or you will do it on another day, then the work will remain pending. It is better to take the first step and you will get to know about the next step as well. Many times we are unclear about the direction and the just start method can tell us the right direction. If you fail, you try another technique to do the task and you will succeed in the end. But you need to take the first step to reach the end.


Procrastination is an issue that should be addressed if you have big dreams. We have told you the reason and methods to overcome it. You might feel a little hard to apply methods at the start, but you will be familiar with it after some time. These methods are very effective. You can deal with the procrastination if you follow the methods.

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