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Men’s Winter Fashion | Winter Clothes


Winter, the favorite season of many people. No fear of sweat, marks or stains and high temperature. Everything is cool, then we should look cool as well. It’s time to get away from lose-fit and thin clothes. There is no doubt that winter clothing is considered to be easier than the summer because you can wear multiple layers. But it is difficult as well because you have to select nice layers to look well. Men’s winter fashion is not very easy. Your appearance is the combination of all the layers and accessories you are wearing. Your selection of layers should be perfect.

Imagine a person who is wearing nice clothes, a watch, shoes, and glasses but he is shivering. What will you notice first? His shivering, clothes, shoes or anything else. Most probably his shivering, because he has not selected the perfect fabric for him. We’re are going to discuss winter clothes and winter wear for men. We will start this discussion with fabric for winter clothes.

Fabrics for Men’s Winter Fashion

We’ve discussed by the example of a man who was shivering, that choosing the right fabric is also necessary. It will keep you warm and relaxed. There are many fabrics you can wear as compared to summer, but we’re going to discuss the best fabrics for winter wear.


You may have guessed it. Wool is a natural fabric that will keep you warm. It can absorb moisture easily. The reason for being a warm fabric is that it traps the air in it. Due to this, it behaves as an insulating medium. The heat given out from your body is trapped between the woolen cloth and your body. Therefore, you feel warm. It can absorb your sweat beads; therefore, you’ll never feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t stick to your body as well. Wool coats are the best for winter as they will keep you warm and provide you an eye-catching appearance. There are different types of woolen fabrics such as Cashmere and Merino. All of them are good winter wear for men.


Corduroy is a thick fabric that looks like stripes or parallel cords on a fabric. You will see multiple parallel lines in this fabric. It seems that these lines were made separately, and they are stitched together to make the cloth. It has a nice pattern which looks cool. You can have corduroy pants, a sweater, jacket, and scarf. Since it is thick fabric it keeps you warm. It is perfect winter wear for men.


Real leather is made from animal skin which keeps them warm during harsh conditions. It is very durable, and you can use it for several winters. After wearing leather, it is like you have two skins, one is your own and the other is of leather. You can wear a leather jacket as your top layer, it will trap the air and keep you warm. It looks stunning with its shine


Real velvet is made of silk, but it is very much expensive. Therefore, velvet is made from the mixing of natural and synthetic fibers to make it less costly. It keeps you warm and you can wear a velvet shirt, blazer, and coat. It has a nice shine which attracts people. You can buy velvet shoes, bags, and hats as well because it looks stunning due to its shine.

Fitting of Winter Wear

We have multiples layers of clothes in winter, therefore the inner layers should stick to your body. You can imagine a baggy shirt under a jacket. It looks strange and old fashioned. In winter your shirt should fit your body and there will be fewer wrinkles as well. The perfect fit will look eye-catching and noticeable. For men’s winter fashion it is a good idea to wear a perfect fit dress. You can also wear a perfect fit coat on a shirt.

Layering for Men’s Winter Fashion

As we know that we can have multiple layers in winter. It is necessary to wear the proper layer to look perfect. There are three basic layers for winter wear.

  • Base Layer (Bottom Layer)
  • Middle Layer (Sandwich Layer)
  • Top Layer (Uppermost Layer)

The base layer is your shirt and undershirt. The layer which is just above the skin and it is usually the least visible layer. The middle layer is the second layer which is sandwiched between the bottom and the top layer. The top layer is the uppermost layer which is completely visible.

If you are dressing for a formal meeting or an interview, then you need a suit. The bottom layer will be your dress shirt, the middle layer will be your vest and the final layer will be your coat. This will be your perfect layering for a formal occasion.

For an informal dressing, you don’t need to put all three layers, or you can add an extra one as well. You can wear a T-shirt or shirt as the base layer then you can just put on a jacket as the top layer. Or you can wear a shirt, sweater and then a jacket or coat.

Men’s Winter Wear Style

For winter there are some exceptional clothes other than pants, shirts, and shoes.


Scarves are common in winter. You can wear them around your neck to keep it warm. These look stylish as well. They are usually made of wool or fur. For men’s winter fashion, fur scarves look weird. A woolen scarf looks fine and you can find different textures and patterns. It is not formal winter wear, you use it for casual dressing. It’s an elegant winter wear for men.

Winter Hats

Winter hat looks stylish and it saves your ears and head from cold. It is also casual winter wear. You can find hats in different colors and patterns. Always choose a woolen hat as it will keep you warm better than any other fabric.

Woolen Socks

To keep your feel warm woolen socks are beneficial. It will absorb moisture from your feet completely and keep it dry.


Are you tired of rubbing your hands in winter? Then, you should wear gloves. Woolen and leather gloves are suitable to keep your hands warm.

Takeaways for Men’s Summer Fashion

You can look stunning in winter, all you have to do is to care about layers and fabrics. Fabric will keep you warm if you have chosen it correctly. Wool is mostly used as a fabric for winter wear. A perfect fit dress looks well in winter, you should avoid baggy shirts. The layers should be according to the occasion. If you are going for a formal meeting, then take care of all the three layers. Your appearance depends on the selection of layer, so choose it wisely.

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